Welcome foolish mortals.... to The Necropolis!

necropolis  -  from the Greek,
    necro - dead  &  polis - city,  a cemetary, 
    especially one belonging to an ancient city

The Necropolis has been our home haunt in Burleson, Texas since 2000.  Every year we add more props, lights, time, and money, and it's all worth it.  Halloween has always held some very special memories for me and my family.  I can remember my mom driving my friends and I across three different towns to go trick-or-
treating, and then hit a couple of haunted houses on the way back.  Then when I became old enough,  I began to put on haunts of my own.  Maybe it stems from being a professional musician,  but it still thrills me to get to act out a part every Halloween, and I want to pass this tradition on to my son.  So... pull up a slab, and enjoy yourself in The Necropolis!!!


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Last update: 3/3/2013